July 11, 2004

Home again

Back home in good old Germany. Yesterday we had a great party with lots of beer. Weather could have been better but thats not a reason for Germans not to have a barbie ;) Strange feeling here, everthing is familiar but strange somehow.
Anyway, that was Australiana 2003/2004. Blog closed...

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July 07, 2004

Leaving New Holland and Stop Over in Dubai

I left New Holland with a sad and a happy eye. Don't know what I liked more in Australia, the friendly people or the great landscape. Definitely I have to visit it again in a few years...
But now I'm already in Dubai after 14 hours (thanks to Emirates for free WLAN) and enjoy the fine weather with 30 degrees at 6am. Great day for a jump in the sea. However in little bit than one hour I have to catch another plane to Frankfurt. Cya there
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July 04, 2004

Winter impression, Finding Nemo and flight back

winter nemo First image shows you a spring, aehm I mean winter impression of Sydney. Today was a lovely day with 23 deg top. The other one shows Finding Nemo, taken in the Sydney Aquarium. And last but not least, here are my flight back details:

6.7 21:10 Sydney - 7.7 5:45 Dubai - EK 0413
7.7 8:25 Dubai - 13:15 Frankfurt - EK 0045

Cya in Germany...
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